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A day of atonement

Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, the Jewish people’s day of atonement. It is the day many people believe when we are the closest that we can get to g-d. This is done by fasting, not wearing leather footwear, praying all day and asking for forgiveness. We don’t put our best clothes on or perfume and fancy jewellery , we do our best instead to be simple and uncomplicated.

For most of us Jewish women it starts with another day or two in the kitchen. Preparing a pre fast meal that will take our families through 26 hours of not eating or drinking and a second meal for the “break fast” which isn’t too heavy but satisfying enough that everyone is no longer hungry. Funny thing is that after a glass of OJ, a piece of cake and half a bagel with lox and cream cheese most of us are full but we still find it necessary to make one or two hot dishes to go along with the break fast and have a few different choices of spreads.

I have been to houses after fasts where there is a huge buffet of everything imaginable. It amazes me that these women can fast all day and still put out this spread as I usually dump everything on the table still in its containers and can hardly stand by the time the fast is over luckily for me my husband fasts without a problem and is great after the fast. This year will be my 13-year-old son’s first Yom Kippur to fast all day and I am worried about him but am proud at the same time for his comittment and devotion at such a young age.

My parents will be joining us for our pre-fast meal and I want it to be nice.  I am trying a recipe from a website I love called “Joy of Kosher” for a  stuffed roasted chicken with vegetables. I am also making the traditional chicken soup with noodles (carb loading before a fast is always good) roasted broccoli and mashed potatoes. Yum getting hungry already.

But truthfully, Yom Kippur is about a lot more than the food. It is a day when the slate is wiped clean and even though the new year officially began 10 days earlier its about new beginnings. I don”t know about you but I definitely have sins that I will be glad to have wiped away. I like the idea of starting fresh with friends, families and even people I am not close with. It’s a tradition by many to ask forgiveness before this day for anything you may have said or done to hurt someone. So I am here officially asking forgiveness from those of you that I love and care for ( if it wasn’t yom kippur I might say screw the rest of you….but it is so I’m not.) I am looking forward to a new year with new beginnings, this blog being one of them. I wish you all an easy fast, a good year and health and happiness. See you all after the fast with some new posts that are a little lighter and more fun.




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