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Not my average thursday

Last thursday I woke up not so excited to go about my usual routine with a laundry load list of things to get done. I was thrilled when I got a text from one of those friends that you don’t talk to for weeks but still always feel close to.

I hadn’t spoken to her since this summer and I wanted to thank her for going above and beyond the weekend of my son’s bar mitzvah . This is a woman who Is constantly involved in the most respectable and needy of charities.  This summer she got me and my family involved with the IDF widows and orphans bar/bat  trip to Toronto and now my family has 4 new friends for life.  If you call her for a help with a charity event she will show up with an army full of volunteers and a million and one unique ideas.

At the end of the text I casually mentioned if she needed help with her next function I’d be glad to volunteer.

At this time  it was 11:30 am and I was sitting having my hair colored ( which usually I’d be embarrassed to admit but ironically we go to the same hairdresser and I see her there all the time so I wasn’t embarrassed to tell her).   Casually she says oh we are having a meeting at 12:30 today I’d love if you could make it!  I figured not a chance since usually it takes 2 plus hours to get out of there. Well the hair g-ds must have been watching over me that day because I was colored, washed and dried  in exactly an hour.

She invited me to come to a meeting for the ZAREINU Fashion Show taking place Tuesday Nov 20th here in Toronto.  Ever since moving to Toronto 8 years ago I’ve been enthralled with this event.  The fashion show raises money for one of the most amazing causes-ZAREINU.  The Zareinu educational centre is a Jewish day school and treatment centre in Toronto for children with a wide variety of physical and developmental disabilities. ZAREINU has many events throughout the year but this is the one that the women in Toronto wait all year for.  With guest hosts like the illustrious Jeanne Beker who is Canadian fashion royalty to the prominent and well-respected Linda Frum it is an incredible evening of fun, food, friends, fashion and most important charity.
I was a little nervous because I was a few minutes late and didn’t know anyone. But any jitters were gone the second I  sat down.  The room was filled with the most amazing, energetic , enthusiastic group of women I have ever met!  It most definitely was NOT one of those meetings that  goes on for hours and nothing is accomplished.  In one hour the stage was set with committees for models, gift bags, food, donations, raffle and door prizes.  I am so honored to be included in this years committee and be a part of this amazing team!
If anyone has any connections for donations for items for our 1000 (yes that’s how many people attending this year!) gift bags, bags themselves, tissue paper etc or even people interested in making a donation all the information can be found below.  I’ll keep you informed after our next meeting but in the meantime spread the word because this is going to be an event no one wants to miss!!  All the information can be gotten here:
A couple of hours later….
I planned on finishing my day with my cooking for Shabbos , writing a new post and finally watching some good tv-welcome back must see tv.  My husband and 3 kids were going to see the Yankees play the Blue Jays with deliriously great  seats  behind home plate  (thanks to a friend).  Another time I will get into what devoted Yankees Fans my family is but for now I will settle for saying they were ecstatic.
But as usual there was a glitch.  My older son had basketball tryout and the others wanted to go early to watch our beloved Yankees at batting practice.  In the end I said I’d take my son down to meet them on the subway and take the subway back.  I figured I’d get lots of time to blog and read.
Well first my son and I had such a blast people watching and playing games on the subway that there was no reading or blogging going on and second as soon as I got close to the Rogers centre I got baseball fever.  I love baseball. Always have, but only Yankees baseball. Living in Toronto now I don’t get as much of the  Yankees as I actually need.  There truly are no fans like Yankees fans.  I ended up buying a ticket from a scalper for a really cheap seat and joined my family for a night out.
As my son and I walked in to where they were sitting , I see my 8-year-old daughter in the Yankees dugout!!!! Holy Cannoli there is Derek Jeter-Mr. Yankee royalty  himself signing the back of my daughters jersey.  What a night what a day …. Between the Zareinu Fashion Show meeting and the Yankee game it was one sweet day ( even though the Yankees lost).

Derek Jeter signing my daughter’s jersey in the dugout!

The signed jersey.

Rogers Centre in Toronto has the absolute best ever Kosher hotdogs.

What I do when I am bored and the yankees are losing….

The unique 50/50 ticket ladies. Check out those baseball earrings!

Conde Nast friends and family invite

Heres my latest sales tip:
In the USA you can get magazines such as ALLURE for $12 LUCKY for $12 and in Canada you can get LUCKY for $20 and SELF for $20 and many more. Much cheaper than the per magazine rate and a great way to keep up on all the fashion trends and stay healthy.

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