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Not a morning person……

So I have never been a morning person, I love sleeping in and literally have to drag myself out of bed EVERY morning-weekday or weekend. Even if I have something big planned that day or waking early for a trip, I still can lie there until either someone gets me up or I force myself. I have so much respect for people who wake up hours earlier than they need to, plan their days, exercise, cook dinner all before 7am. I am definitely not in that category….

Unfortunately, for my son Ben he inherited that from me. We are both night owls, do our best work then, are in great moods and rarely get tired….at night. We pay the price when the morning rolls around. I pay it twice by getting myself up and then spending the next 45 mins getting him up. I have tried everything possible to get Ben out of bed-from waking him gently, to rolling him off his bed. My older son loves to help and has no problem pouring water on him or ripping his sheets off. Ben somehow manages to even sleep through that at times.

Why am I writing about this now? Because for the past month we have had weekly Jewish holidays and plenty of days to laze around. We have stayed up late playing banana-grams, reading people magazine and sports illustrated kids and now we are both dreading tomorrow. For us it’s almost similar to the first day of school …..again. So for me tomorrow is this week’s Monday.

I have tried all the sleep tricks, getting up same time everyday, going to sleep earlier, I tried getting up 15 mins earlier everyday for two weeks, my body just doesn’t care. Last year I got a Philips Sleep machine for Chanukah (don’t worry I actually asked for it, can’t always be Dior and Diamonds right)? This is a huge, bulky white clock radio that has bird settings, music, waves etc and it’s supposed to wake you gently 30 mins before you want to wake up by slowly adjusting the lightness in the room from dim to bright. I researched it online and it got great reviews.

I was sure my sleep problems were solved. Ha. I guess my body is smarter than the Philips people as 1) the button to shut the light is the easiest thing to find on the whole clunky machine so that goes off as soon as it’s on.

2) there are two alarm settings so I always set my desired wake up and as soon as that goes off I click onto the real-time that I absolutely have to get up.

Ben and I went to sleep tonight realizing no more of the weeks with 4 luxurious mornings of dozing under our covers-5 day school weeks are here to stay , at least until Xmas break and that’s too far away to even dream about.

Anyone who send me a good trick to help me start to like the mornings and it actually works will be rewarded….the prize you ask? A beautiful, white, double alarm Philips sleep machine. Sweet dreams.


Ps-a little hint for some of the husbands out there…..

A good husband is never the first to go to sleep at night or the last to awake in the morning.

Honore de Balzac


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