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In Memory of My Mother-In-Law- Suzanne Blaine-z”l

Suzanne Blaine-z”l

790, 740 women will get cancer this year according to Self magazine’s  October 2012 issue.  

 According to Readers Digest’s  October 2012  issue -226,870 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer  in 2012.

October is breast cancer awareness month.  Two years ago this month my mother-in-law Suzanne Blaine z”l was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. The first time had been 7 years earlier and she dealt with her treatments and illness with strength and grace and managed to beat the cancer.  She worked throughout as a teacher in a high school and rarely missed a day sometimes going to work straight from a treatment. She was not going to let breast cancer stop her from her daily life.  We thought she was in the clear as they usually say 5 years without the cancer returning and you are safe.  I guess they are wrong.  Unlike last time when my mother-in-law had superhero strength and fought back this time it all happened too quick.  Suzanne was  diagnosed in mid October, started chemo treatments within two weeks and on Dec.1, 2010 was admitted to the hospital with a low blood count.  20 days later on Tuesday Dec 21 at 11:30pm Suzanne passed away. From diagnosis to death was 10 weeks.  Suzanne was only 70 years old at the time and is deeply missed.

The reason for this post is that may of us think there is nothing we can do about breast cancer but there is. First is to take care of ourselves.  Below are 10 preventative tips every woman should be aware of and practice:

This information comes from an extremely informative article from Harpers . 

Link to article:

Experts at the American Institute for Cancer Research estimate that healthy lifestyle habits could help prevent 38 percent of the breast cancer cases diagnosed every year in the U.S. Here, ways that studies suggest you can protect yourself.

1. EXERCISE. Brisk walking of at least 75 minutes a week may lower risk by 18 percent.

2. MAINTAIN A HEALTHY WEIGHT . This is important to follow throughout your life because putting on 20 pounds or more after the age of 18 can significantly impact breast cancer risk, and being overweight after menopause can increase your risk by 30 to 60 percent.

3. EAT A WELL-ROUNDED, PLANT-BASED DIET. No single food by itself has been shown to protect against cancer, but try to fill at least two thirds of your plate with plant foods—lots of colorful vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and beans—and no more than one third with animal protein. Fiber is essential, and berries, cruciferous vegetables, and green tea may be particularly beneficial. Moderate amounts of whole-soy foods are okay, but avoid soy supplements. 

· Drink alcohol sparingly. Three to six drinks a week could increase your risk by 15 percent, two or more a day by 51 percent. (scary fact I had no clue about!!)

· Grilling meat can produce carcinogens. Marinate, precook, and grill at lower temperatures to keep it from charring. Cut your risk further by adding rosemary and cancer-fighting spices like turmeric and cumin.

4. BREAST-FEED IF YOU CAN. Experts recommend nursing exclusively for six months.

5. AVOID HORMONE THERAPY. If you and your doctor feel that you need it to alleviate menopausal symptoms, take the lowest dose that works and for the shortest amount of time.

6. EAT RED AND PURPLE GRAPES. They contain resveratrol, which may block the development of breast cancer. Resveratrol is concentrated in the skin of the fruit, so juice doesn’t pack as much punch, and green varieties contain significantly less.

7. SPRINKLE FLAXSEEDS ON FOOD. Flaxseeds contain lignans, antioxidants that may have an anticancer effect. Add a tablespoon to cereal or yogurt, or sprinkle over a salad.

8. SNACK ON WALNUTS. A recent study done on mice has shown that eating walnuts daily may reduce risk.

9. CHECK YOUR VITAMIN D LEVELS. Many women are lacking in this vitamin, a deficiency associated with breast cancer risk. A typical supplemental daily dose is 600 to 2,000 IUs.

10. TAKE FISH OIL SUPPLEMENTS CONTAINING OMEGA-3S. They may help fend off cancer, but make sure the supplements are from mercury-free fish; take 1,000 to 2,000 mg. each day.

All women love pink, nowadays even men are big fans of the colour pink.  So one thing everyone including men can do is to purchase items that make donations to Breast Cancer research.   There are tons of items everywhere from the supermarket to Best Buy supporting Breast Cancer Research.  Look for Procter and Gamble products with the pink ribbon also P & G’s Orgullosa program and the League Against Cancer have partnered up and for every new “Like” on its Facebook page, Orgullosa will donate $1 to the League Against Cancer, up to $10,000.

Below are some other PINK promotions for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

Sportcheck PINK Promotion

STRATUSPHERE YOGA STUDIO here in Toronto is having an amazing promotion:

Even the NFL has gotten involved:

And Lastly my favourite- GODIVA:

There are literally thousands more of items out there that by purchasing will help with Breast Cancer awareness and research so please when you see the pink ribbon or label don’t hesitate to buy.




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