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Beauty and the Beast

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
― Yves Saint-Laurent”

I am not a beauty junkie, not a beauty queen and definitely not a beauty aficionado.  I am more like the beast when it comes to beauty.  Makeup has never been my forte.   Sephora and beauty counters are always my last list of shops to visit at the mall.  I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics-for me a hundred dollars every 6 months is a splurge. I would rather a great pair of jeans any day than a bag full of cosmetics.  Why you ask? Simply put I hate putting makeup on. Bottom line is that I suck at it! No matter how hard I try either its gone in a few hours or it just doesn’t look as good as I hoped. I have been told that I under put the amount needed, my hand is too light and that is because I am always terrified of that overdone Tammy Faye Baker look.  But I am getting older and the no makeup look just isn’t as attractive as it was years ago….Sucks for me because now I need to start learning how to really apply makeup and do it well!

On my last trip to Neiman’s I saw the new Aerin (as in Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estee Lauder) line. Okay so she’s gorgeous, a super successful businesswoman, mother of two boys and definitely someone I would love to emulate so why not try her makeup line. It was a simple choice as there are only a handful of products to choose from.  Problem was most of the items were sold out already!  I have put an online order in for the Lipstick in Pout, the Lip Gloss in Perfect Nude, and the Pretty Bronze Illuminating Powder in Level 1.

Here is  a great interview with Aerin about her new line at an awesome  blog site I follow faithfully habitually chic.  It was so exciting to see that the pieces I ordered were the same ones she ordered as well. Maybe my future in makeup is already looking up.

So now that I have some new makeup on the way I need to learn how to use it because I wasn’t joking when I said I suck at it-I am seriously lacking in the makeup skills department.  This Bobbi BrownPretty Powerful Makeup Lesson” on YouTube was amazing. A little long but man if I could apply my makeup half as well I would start hanging out at Sephora a heck of a lot more!  Watching it made me want to actually run to my makeup drawer not run away.

Check it out:   Bobbi Brown “Pretty Powerful Makeup Lesson”

Now that I have admitted how bad my makeup skills are.  My all time favorite product which I seriously can’t live without is these Almay  makeup eraser sticks. I call them my magic erasers. You break off the top and makeup remover goes down to the bottom of the stick and voila all mistakes are erased magically!

What I love  about these besides the great price is that they are available everywhere from the drugstore to Wal-Mart which makes me ecstatic because I probably use a pack a week. For someone extremely talented like me who’s eyeliner can end up on her nose and mascara on my chin I survive on these little sticks of magic!

Happy Shopping!




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