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Israel We Stand Strong With You!

Please share this picture. This is Yosef Fartuk. He was killed today and lost youth and happiness fighting for his homeland and Am Israel. He was only 18.

Hitler couldn’t  destroy the Jewish people and neither will anyone else,  we will not be taken for granted.  Last night my husband and I went to the UJA Stand with Israel Rally where over 3000 people got together to show Israel and the rest of the world that we support Israel and will do whatever we can to be there for them. The rally was inspiring beyond words. I used to think what good does it really do for a bunch of people to get together and sing the Israeli anthem and speak of our solidarity for Israel. But last night I learnt differently. Israel knows they are not alone. We will defend them with words, money and actions and stand behind them always. By showing our support; Israelis know they can turn to Canadians and Americans to be there for them when they need us- and even when they don’t.

Listening to Members of Parliament, Authors, Students, Israeli soldiers and directly from families living in the direct line of fire gave us in the Diaspora a clearer view of what they are living with on a day to day basis. Hearing Israeli soldiers telling us and Israeli citizens not to be afraid because they are here to protect us as they will do their job, and that Israeli Citizens should take care of themselves and just follow the protocols set out during missile attacks and they will do the rest sent shivers up my spine. Here are 18-23 year old’s telling us not to worry as they put their lives on the line. The stories are heartbreaking. Stories of how excited Israeli children were 2 months ago on their first day of school wearing white and celebrating until they arrived at school at 8 am to hear  tzevah adom- the siren for missiles and how quick their laughter turned to fear and tears.  Hearing the same mother tell of the siren going off in middle if the night and knowing she has 10 seconds to get her family to the bomb shelter and she looks at 4 sleeping kids and wonders which child do I choose?? After telling these stories this same Israeli family who were sitting on a freezing rooftop in Tel Aviv at 3 am in order to broadcast live at the Rally turned to us at the end and thanked us.  Why? Because they wouldn’t have bomb shelters without us!

Israel as with any other country has the right to defend herself, her borders and her citizens.  No other country in the world would lay still as hundreds of missiles are shot into their country hourly. In 2012 1540 rockets at last count have been shot into Israel. As David Frumm said: “No country on earth faces as much hatred as Israel alone.  Israel has the right to live with freedom, peace and democracy.” Israel amazingly shows restraint with the incredibly advanced technology it has; to avoid inflicting unnecessary pain or suffering to innocent civilians who  are  not a threat to Israel. One of the amazing things pointed out last night as that even under attack, Gaza‘s electricity, and water still are flowing in from Israel. When Palestinians get hurt it is the Israeli hospitals they run to and where they are treated and when emergency services are required they are sent to Israel!! Here is a tweet I saw today: ‎@IDFSpokesperson: 120 trucks of goods were ready to enter #Gaza from #Israel today. #Hamas fired rockets at the crossing. Only 24 entered. Crossing is closed.
What our enemies need to know is that not only will israel survive but they will continue to thrive. Israel we stand strong with you-never forget that.

The most impressive Mr. Theo Caldwell who’s inspirational speech as a half Jewish, Irish man who publicly supports Israel in his columns and public speaking captivated the room. Thank you Mr. Caldwell, if only there were more of you to go around.

Myself with two of the four incredibly brave IDF soldiers representing Israel at the rally.

With Love,



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