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Hair Apparent….

leland ari


Winter blahs have set in. I’m cold all the time and outside its dark and gloomy.  Once November comes to Toronto the sun is a rare sight. Everyday seems so grey and it’s hard to not start feeling grey too.  I needed something to lift my spirits but I didn’t know what. Suprisingly enough shopping just didn’t do it. Not when all I crave to wear these days are my Uggs, Lululemons and Canada Goose-very attractive right? What can I say but when its -5C outside, comfort and warmth trump fashionable and sexy everyday!

Luckily enough I had an appt for a haircut that I had booked awhile back and the night before saw it in my calendar.  I actually thought it would be a waste of a great blowdry since it was middle of the week.  If you don’t know already, let me tell you-nothing lifts a person’s mood like an invigorating scalp massage, fabulous haircut and bodacious blowdry.  Doesn’t matter if it’s  a Tuesday in the middle of December somehow you leave with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.  I even felt so good I went sunglass shopping which is something I usually hate to do! (but be forewarned all sunglasses look 100x better when being tried on with a fantastic full-bodied head of hair dried by two professionals. Those Chanel’s just won’t look as good when you have sweaty hair pulled back by a headband and ponytail after spin class.)

I have been getting my haircut for the past year by Luis at Mateus Hair who is definitely a hairstylist god.  He is the only one who has ever managed to cut my hair so that I can shower, dry it with my hands quickly and still have it looking good.  In fact last time after I got it cut and dried it myself for less than 10 mins and ran out to my son’s hockey game one of the moms there said I had that tousled “after…..” look, the one we sometimes try for but can never achieve when we want it (if you know what I mean.)  Luis’ blowdrys are hard to define they have the perfect amount of curl, body and flip without looking like a Kardashian with a Farrah Fawcett style.

Me and Luis

Me and Luis

mh marco

Luis, Rocco and Dolce!

Luis’s new salon is absolutely fabulous. Very New York  like with a  bright light interior, lots of windows and a very zen like atmosphere. I almost felt back home in NY on the second floor of the John Frieda Salon on Madison Avenue.  Marco is an absolute doll and makes the Mateus Hair experience all the more dreamier.  The true star of the Salon is Dolce-Marco and Luis’s adorable Yorkie who has the run of the place and will only pay attention to you if Marco is not around.  Dolce has the best hair I’ve ever seen on a Yorkie and a great wardrobe to match.  Next time you’re feeling a little blah book an appt with Luis @ Mateus Hair 647-436-5513, but be prepared to take a weekday as Fridays and Saturdays book up months in advance!



dolce sweater


If only it was so easy for the rest of us....

If only it was so easy for the rest of us….

Stay warm!

With Love,


ps-this post was written yesterday but was published today and I just saw a flash of sun, so maybe things are changing….


One comment on “Hair Apparent….

  1. deena
    January 28, 2013

    Sim, I’m going to book Luis because your hair looks like you walked out of a salon 24/7 !! If you put your stamp of approval on him…it’s guarenteed to be a good thing!!

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