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Downtown Abbey is back and I can’t wait! It’s so good that I wouldn’t even watch on live tv last night, I PVR’d it because watching just one episode just isn’t enough.  Now this is great tv-sisters at each other’s throats, women dressed in gowns for dinner, quick tongued mother-in-laws and beautiful servants.  I now get what all the talk about Downtown Abbey is about and it’s back on Sundays so get ready for some great clean family fun with fashion to truly die for! Believe me when I tell you everything they say about it is true AND MORE!!!




dt dressesThe show starts  in the 1910’s and the first thing you notice when you watch is te incredible, designs the women (and the men) wear on a daily basis.  Gowns that most of us will never don in our entire lives are what they wear daily to dinner. Couture has nothing on these dresses.  jewellery to die for anywhere they can find to put it whether it’s in their hair or their necks.

da3Our society could surely take a lesson from these women.  They wear almost no makeup and when they do it’s the natural look they are going for.  They dress every night for dinner and everyday for breakfast. No walking around in old t-shirts or sweatpants and its kind of nice.  I always feel better when I am dressed up (which means out of Lululemons or my husbands t-shirts..) so I can only imagine how it feels to always be in beautiful skirts, blouses and fabulous dresses.  This year the show is set in the roaring 20’s and I can’t wait to see the flapper dresses and headwear these women are going to be wearing.

mary 2Lady Mary is the central character and she is headstrong, opinionated and just fabulous. She manages to hunt with the men (in a full length skirt sitting sideways on a horse) and dress in the most feminine gowns a few hours later without seeming the least bit hypocritical.  Her style and beauty are mesmerizing and she captures your attention in any scene she is in. Her clothes are never revealing, maybe a glimpse of collarbone or bare shoulders  but definitely not what we today would consider sexy yet she makes them absolutely sensuous.  No five-inch heels for these women, a kitten heel is the highest they go and once again its just enough.  Each character has her own style and dress to match even the servants outfits in and out of Downtown Abbey (which is the name of the castle that the Lord and Ladies live in)can create a little tinge of jealousy for the viewer.lavinia

The men are no slouches either, in dinner jackets, riding attire, tuxedos and more.

mary 1

violetThe show’s eldest character Lady Grantham(Lady Mary’s very british grandmother)also has  the  best one liners keeping the audience cracking up an example is:

Lady Grantham: “You are quite wonderful the way you see room for improvement wherever you look. I never knew such reforming zeal.”

Mrs Crawley: “I take that as a compliment.”

Lady Grantham: “I must have said it wrong.”

The third season sees the addition of Shirley MacLaine as Lady Mary’s other grandmother-the American one and I can just imagine the scenes with these two verbally attacking each other with all the grace in the world and the most in vogue costumes to boot!

shirley 1

Cheerio for now!




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