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I love reading as much as I love fashion.  It used to be that I got my fill of fashion from magazines but lately, there are as many books about the wonderful world of fashion, the movers, the shakers and all the fabulous creators.  Some are picture books like Kate Moss’s retrospective book “Kate”  which tells the story of the 14-year-old unknown english waif girl who has become one of the most iconic models of our time-mostly through pictures that she herself chose and other pictures that have never been seen before

Kate_Moss_BookWarning: there are plenty of exposed body parts in this book so you may not want to use it as a coffee table book or leave around for your kids to see….


“Fashion Bites” – I love this book just talking about it makes me giggle. Yes, I mean giggle it’s a giggly type of book.  I keep this one on my coffee table because it’s a quick read and good chuckle. It has quotes from all the great designers and fashion icons along with witty illustrations.  Some are hysterical like this one from Valentino who apparently finds women’s ankles offensive.




Here’s what Coco Chanel has to say about herself: coco


Grace Coddington-if you don’t know who she is you obviously don’t read Vogue.  After Anna Wintour she is the next in charge at American Vogue as the Creative Director and an icon of fashion for the 20th century and on.   A beautiful, unique fiery, often blunt, red-head –Grace was once a famous model who hung out with the likes of Mick Jagger until she was in a car accident at 26 that caused her to lose her eyelid and end her modelling career. In 1988 after 19 years with British Vogue she joined American Vogue.  Grace became a household name in “The September Issue” a movie about the making of the 2007 September Vogue issue and highlights Grace’s often tense interactions with Anna Wintour.  This wonderful memoir takes the reader around the world, in front of the cameras and behind.


There are so many other fabulous fashion reads out there, I hope to recommend a few every week.  I love going to the book store and sitting down and surrounding myself with these beautiful pieces. I realize it’s the same feeling I get when I walk through a store and see all the magnificent pieces of clothing except a lot less expensive!!!

I think I may take Austin Phelps advice more often and “wear the old coat and buy the new book.”


Happy Reading

With Love,





3 comments on “FASHION BITES!

  1. Elissa Freeman
    January 23, 2013

    Love, love, love Grace Coddington. She is too fabulous..great post!

  2. so says simone
    January 24, 2013

    Yes she is, you actually remind me of her so I guess that makes you fabulous too! Aren’t I the lucky one to be friends with someone so fabulous…

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