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#What Were They Thinking???? Post 1

I have decided to add a new category to my blog called #What Were They Thinking (WWTT)?   Primarily it will be about the fashion industry but I may also add my own gripes in once in a while. Here is my first WWTT event that actually upset me more than shocked me.

Exactly ONE MONTH and one day after Sandy Hook-German Designer Philipp Plein sent models down the runway in his Milan Menswear show carrying machine guns and teddy bears.  Philipp Plein - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Menswear A/W 2013According to a press release, the weapon-wielding models represented “new fashion heros”: “A troop of hot, strong, brave young men. Champions of a true ideal, fight only for real love, and ‘Regret Nothing’, which is also the groove of a new style battle.” …Come again???    I wrote about Sandy Hook back in December and this is one of those events that we will never be desensitized to.  Even without the tragedy of Sandy Hook, teddy bears, semi-automatic machine gun and face masks together have no place anywhere in our society!  Ten thumbs down to Philipp Plein. 1

The second WWTT event in fashion that also has myself and many more outraged, is a post that popular Spanish fashion blogger-Pelayo Diaz  posted of a photo of himself from Berlin’s Holocaust memorial, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europeberlin A hot pink Celine bag photographed amongst memorials of  the murdered jews of Europe is more than bad taste to me it’s just sick.  “Since the post went up, Pelayo has taken to Facebook to respond to the backlash:  Some people have been offended about the fact I took these pictures at the Holocaust Memorial for Katelovesme. I don’t think they are disrespectful or inappropriate in any way. Katelovesme is a place where I share most of my life and that monument really touched me, that´s why I´m not going to remove the post. I don´t think it’s necessary to say thatI’m sickened by what the Nazis did and I apologize if I’ve hurt anybodies feelings, it was definitely not my intention. Loads of love, Pelayo“2

If you want to read more of this sad, demented post or some of the comments people sent to him you can read it here. Personally I won’t go on his Facebook page so as not to add more attention to something so hurtful to so many people. Something as enjoyable as fashion just doesn’t need to be used against a backdrop as something so utterly horrible as  The Holocaust ever!

The last WWTT for this week was an editorial in Vogue USA’s February issue celebrating Hurricane Sandy’s “Storm Troupers.”  Top models were photographed with NYFD, NYPD, National Guard and employees from the neo-natal unit at Bellevue Hospital.  Sandy was another topic I wrote about when it happened.  My husband’s family home that his parents lived in for more than 35 years was essentially destroyed and  is still not livable months after the storm.  Too many NY and NJ residents have been through hell trying to rebuild their community and I don’t think seeing ball gowns and leather jackets in a photo shoot made anyone feel better about the situation.  There are better ways to honor heroes than this.

storm-troupers-06_191349259160hospitalcoast guard “It should be noted that Vogue did spearhead efforts to raise $1.7 million for Sandy relief.  And that the captions under each photograph in the editorial contain moving quotes from the first responders the story aims to celebrate”.  3

It would have been in so much better taste for VOGUE to photograph the heroes of Hurricane Sandy themselves dressed up with or without the models.  Some of the pictures were definitely in better taste than others ( I actually liked the nurses and firemen ones-those were photographs that helped these people feel good about what they do but I am not sure what the others were meant to be…) but in my opinion I don’t think a national disaster belongs in a fashion magazine photo layout. Sorry VOGUE but that was just bad taste.

Let’s hope next month is a better one or at least a more dignified one in the world of high fashion.  If you have any WWTT to add I would love to see/hear about them.

With love,

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One comment on “#What Were They Thinking???? Post 1

  1. Duck
    January 31, 2013

    I feel like screaming WHAT WERE THEY THINKING every second day.

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