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How to look hot in a minivan and more!

So I apologize for going AWOL the past two months.  It wasn’t for no reason as fashion is as much a part of me as art and sports is for others. I have been busy starting a new chapter in my life by trying to get back into the working world after 13 years at home. I did accomplish something these past two months and I am now a certified spin instructor and excited about getting out there and teaching classes instead of taking them and what can be better than wearing Lululemon’s all day and getting paid to workout?


(I’m the second to last one-in pink of course at my practical exam in February with some other classmates and our awesome instructor Casey Soer from Spynga.)

Over the past month I had the chance to read a lot  as it was a Jewish holiday and I wanted to share two books with you that I enjoyed.  One really touched me and had an impact (longterm I hope) on my friendships and the other one was a fun, fashion read that I learnt some great tips from.

I’m not the best friend someone can have, sad but true.  It isn’t something I am proud of and the first step to improving something is to be aware of it.  There I have admitted it (actually printed it on the world wide web.) I have a hard time communicating especially verbally so a phone call from me is a rare thing-it’s not that I don’t want to be a good friend I truly do and I value my friendships and this book I hope has helped me to understand why it’s important for me to pick up the phone and call a friend for no reason at all, or to send a text just saying hi, this book reminded me what friendship is all about and how much(or little) work it takes to keep them.  Which is probably why I was so attracted to this book after seeing the title: Friendkeeping.”


As Julie Klam says in one chapter:  “I’m crazy.  No two ways about it. I mean, I’m a high functioning nut. A tax-paying, pants-wearing, law abiding (except for the stupid ones) citizen.  I shower and brush my teeth and present normally, but inside I’m a few clam strips short of a combo platter.”  I love it, sounds just like me and most of my friends.  She then goes on to explain why we love our friends quirks and all because for every one quirk we see in our friends we probably have 5 of our own that bother other people (like never picking up the phone hm….).  I highly recommend you buy this book and read it a few times a year, I plan on buying it for some of my friends as a way of telling them how much I appreciate our friendship even if I don’t always express it  (now only if she wrote a book like this for husbands….).  After reading this, I had lunch with a friend today that I haven’t seen in at least  a month, emailed and even called some of my oldest friends whom I don’t see as much now that I live in Toronto and will try just drop texts or emails maybe even a phone call here or there to say hi to a friend and remind them that I appreciate the bond we have and hope it stays that way.

The second book I just had to pick up because A) it was my favorite color and b) the title made me laugh.  How to look Hot in a Minivan  by Janice Min.  Min is an editor at The Hollywood Reporter and spent 6 years as an editor at US magazine so she knows her stuff.

minivanOk so yes I drive a minivan (man do I hate that name.)  I got my first one after weeks of refusal to drive it and  kicking and screaming and crying.  My second one I actually wanted, go figure but  living in hypothermic conditions in this country, driving carpool every day some days with 6 plus kids and hockey three nights a week a van becomes an absolute pleasure.  If I had to get out of the car every time a child got in or open the trunk or move a seat forward I’d probably have dropped dead by now.  Also, when  SUV companies start making trunks similar to vans I will definitely crossover.  We can pack a family of 4 in our trunk ( I mean the actual family, not their belongings) and still have room for bags.  So driving a van ( notice I didn’t say loving a van simply driving one)  I was tempted to see what this book was all about and how I could look hot.

Basically, it was a new mom’s guide on how to avoid becoming the stereotypical, disheveled  mom once you have children which I don’t think I have one friend who can be described that way.  There were some parts that were years behind me -like how to look good pregnant but there some really fun chapters.  One showed how hot hollywood moms such as Reese Witherspoon and Heidi Klum  stay hot and essential items every mom should have like dark straight leg denim and a boyfriend jacket.  I learnt some easy tips from a page titled     “5 ways to look thinner” and realistically new mom or old mom everyone can appreciate insight on “dealing with muffin tops, belly bulge, boob droop” and more!  The title really is deceiving as the book covers, shape wear (think spanx), cosmetic procedures, exercice and lots of fun fashion and makeup tips.  Come to think of it, I don’t remember that dreadful “minivan” word being mentioned too often throughout this.  I got some good updates for my wardrobe, 3 exercises to do in the car and a great shake recipe which I am going to try as soon as I post this!  Maybe after I do all that I will start to look like Jessica Alba or Cindy Crawford…somehow I doubt anyone in Hollywood is driving a minivan though.

It’s good to be back and I would love to hear from you about any great books you’ve read or tips for me as a new spin instructor!

As one of my oldest friends said to me this morning when I got off the phone with her:




4 comments on “How to look hot in a minivan and more!

  1. Orah
    April 10, 2013

    Hmmm…thought we were going to meet for coffee, but now I see you met with a friend for lunch. READ THAT BOOK AGAIN, BLAINE!!! Yeesh!

    • so says simone
      April 10, 2013

      Hmmmm… I see your eye sight or maybe your mind is getting worse with age as the blog post was written SUNDAY April 7 and we were supposed to have lunch the 8th. Jeez Louise.

  2. Orah
    April 10, 2013

    Um….I was a day off. Mwah, mwah….kisses!

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